Introduction to Notifications

Use notifications to stay up-to-date on your performance, recognize your team’s success, celebrate milestones, and more.

Last updated: July 27, 2021

Whether it be ringing a bell, a pat on the back, or a heartfelt smile in the hallway, all companies celebrate success. 🚀 With Plecto, you can broadcast recent success in real-time through customizable notifications.

Be aware: Notifications can only be configured by users with admin access to Plecto.


An example of a notification on a slideshow.

What are notifications?

Notifications are one of the most important features of Plecto. They are based on your data and allow for immediate awareness of your team’s success. Displaying success prompts growth, and compels the team members to continue to succeed.

Add notifications to your slideshows, send push notifications and e-mails, play sounds, and much more!

Note: The notifications do not trigger on dashboards. If you want to see a notification, you need to connect it to a slideshow, Plecto Mobile App, email, Slack, Sonos speaker, or other. Scroll down to the "Notification actions" section of this article to read about the available actions.

Notification examples

With notifications, you can make multiple actions trigger automatically once certain criteria are met. Let’s look at the following examples:

Example 1: A sales representative closes a deal as "won." The notification can then:

  • Display the rep on TV screens around the office.
  • Send an email to the rep's team leader.
  • Send a mobile push notification to all team members.

Example 2: You reach your monthly sales target. The notification can then:

  • Send a message to the CEO.
  • Play a victorious music video of your choice on the TV screens.

Note: These are just a couple of examples of how to use notifications. Plecto offers many more notification options that can be customized to fit your needs.

Send notifications based on

You can create notifications that get sent based on two types of activities:

A notification based on a new or updated registration is triggered by a single registration, like in Example 1. It triggers whenever a registration that matches a defined filter is added or updated in a selected data source. If no filters are added, the notification will trigger for every single new or updated registration.

Tip: Read the complete guide on how to create notifications based on a new or updated registration here.

A notification based on the result of a formula is triggered by a formula output, like in Example 2. If you have previously created a formula that, for example, sums the value of all sales, and in the notifications, you set up a filter to match a certain condition, the notification will trigger when the filter condition is met. If no filters are added, the notification will trigger whenever the formula’s output is changed.

Tip: Read the complete guide on how to create notifications based on the result of a formula here.

Enabled from this date

This setting allows you to select the starting date and time from which the notification will be enabled. Meaning, the notification will look at new registration or formula outputs that are created from that point on.

The default "Enabled from this date" time is the moment you create a new notification. Therefore, make sure to adjust the date as well as the time.

This is particularly important if you have limited your notification to trigger once per day. In that case, set the time for the beginning of the workday.

Notification_Enabled from.png

An example of "Enabled from this date" field.

Be aware: "Enabled from this date" will use the default date field from your data source. The default date can be configured on integration data sources. If you are using manual data sources, the default date is usually the "Created date," meaning the date when the registration was created.

Read about Date Modifiers to learn how to change the default date in a manual data source.

Notification actions

The final part of setting up notification is deciding what you want to happen when the notification triggers. You can select one or combine several actions. 🎉 Plecto offers a variety of ways to be notified:

Read more: Read about the notification actions here.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can a notification trigger more than once on the same data?

No, the first time the notification is triggered, it gets blocked from being sent again. This only applies to notifications based on a new or updated registration. For example, if you create a registration and it triggers the notification, the notification will not be sent out again if you change the data in the registration.

  • Can I enable notifications for all teams without selecting them?

No, you need to select each team or employee that you want to enable the notification for.

  • The notification does not appear on my TV/mobile, etc.

Go to Gamification > Notifications and open the notification you're having issues with. Click on "Log of triggered notifications" in the top-right corner of the notification editor to see all the logged notifications. If Plecto sent it, it is most likely a configuration issue on the client (TV/mobile, etc.).

  • I would like the filter to be either A or B - is that possible?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. What you can do is create two separate notifications. If this alternative doesn't fit, please reach out to our Support team, and they will help you to find the best solution!

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