Introduction to Notifications

Add instant notifications and celebrate success as it happens!

Last updated: June 14, 2022

Permission required

Only Global Admins and employees with access to the Notifications feature can create and manage notifications in Plecto. Learn more in Introduction to Permissions.

Everyone should celebrate success – be it a heartfelt smile, a pat on the back, or an instant notification! 🚀 With Plecto, you can create customizable notifications and celebrate success in real time.

Dashboard Notification OLD

An example of a notification on a slideshow.

Instant notifications allow you to stay on top of your performance. Get notified whenever you close a sales deal, complete a task, reach a target, or do other activities. Celebrate your business performance with slideshow notifications, email or push notifications on mobile, receive automated messages on Slack, play sounds on Sonos, and much more!

Notification examples

With notifications, you can make multiple actions trigger automatically once certain criteria are met. Here are some examples:

Example 1: A sales representative closes a deal as "won." The notification can then:

  • Display the rep on TV screens around the office.
  • Send an email to the sales team leader.
  • Send a mobile push notification to all team members.

Example 2: You reach your monthly sales target. The notification can then:

  • Send a message to the CEO.
  • Play a victorious music video of your choice on the TV screens.

These are just a couple of examples of what you can do with notifications in Plecto. There are many more options you can choose from and customize to fit your needs.

New Notification - New or Updated Registration

You can create notifications that get sent based on two types of triggers:

  1. A new or updated registration: This type of notification triggers from a single registration. It triggers whenever a registration that matches a defined filter gets added or updated in a data source. If no filters are added, the notification will trigger for every single new or updated registration.
  2. The result of a formula: This type of notification triggers from a formula result. Say you have a formula that sums the value of all sales deals and a filter that says "Formula result > 500." The notification will trigger when the formula result meets the filter condition, namely when the total value of all sales deals will be greater than 500. If no filters are added, the notification will trigger whenever the formula result changes.

Plecto will look for notification triggers (new or updated registrations or changes in the formula result) starting from this date and time. The date and time in this field get added automatically, so make sure to adjust the parameters if you want to activate the notification from a different date.

Notification - Enabled From This Date

An example of "Enabled from this date" field.

Default date

The "Enabled from this date" refers to the default date field in your data source. The default date serves as a point of reference that determines what data Plecto should include in the calculation.

Most integration data sources allow you to change the default date in the data source settings. In manual data sources, the default date is usually the "Created date." Learn more in Default Date Used in Formulas.

The final part of creating a notification is choosing notification actions – you get to decide what will happen when the notification triggers. You can select one or combine several actions. Here are the notification actions you can choose from:

To see notifications on a TV screen, you first need to create a slideshow, then connect the slideshow to your TV. Read Introduction to Slideshows to learn more about slideshows, or find out how to show your slideshows on a TV in Display on TV.

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