How to Create a Contest

How to create a contest in Plecto and introduce a friendly competition in the office.

Last updated: July 13, 2021

Be aware: Contests can only be configured by users with admin access to Plecto.

Contests are a great way of focusing your team towards a common target and boosting the team's performance in a friendly manner. Create a competition between your teams or employees, and track the results in real time. With contests, you can be creative and customize them any way you want. 🏆

Add new contest.png

An example of a contest page in Plecto.

  • Fill out the mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk *):
    • Contest name: Give your contest a name. It will appear at the top of the slideshow.
    • Start and end date: Select the time period of your contest. This will determine the countdown on the slideshow.
    • Contest formula: Select a KPI based on which the results will be calculated, for example, a number of closed deals, a number of completed tasks, won deal value, or others.
    • Layout: Select between classic, podium, and leaderboard layouts.
    • Theme: Choose a contest theme that you like.
  • Fill out the optional fields:
    • Contest description
    • Prize name
    • Prize image: If you upload an image of the prize, the image size needs to be less than 10MB.
    • Target: You can choose to add a target to the contest. If no target is added, the contest will look for the employees or teams with the highest value (highest number of deals, the value of sales, etc.).
Add new contest 2.png

An example of a new contest page in Plecto.

Note: If you do not want to see the contest details but only the results of your employees or teams, select the "Disable sidebar" checkbox. You can preview any changes in the "Preview" section.

  • Select the contest type:
    • Players vs. Players: If you select players, you will have to individually add employees from your organization who are participating in the contest. You can give each employee an individual target by typing in a target value in the field under the employee name.
    • Teams vs. Teams: If you select teams, you can either create a new team or choose an existing one from your organization. Give the team a name, and decide if you want to add a team picture or give each team an individual target.
Add new contest 3.png

An example of the two available contest types.

Here is an example of how to create a contest. This contest is running in October 2020. All the contestants have to reach a target, and the prize is "Lots of pizza." 🍕 Take a look at the video below:

Once you have filled out all the contest details, click on "Save" in the bottom-right corner. All you have to do now is add your contest to a slideshow.

To add your contest to a slideshow:

  • Go to Visualization > Slideshows, then select an existing slideshow or create a new slideshow by clicking "+ New slideshow" in the top-right corner.
  • Click on "+ Add contest slide" and select the contest you want to display.
  • To finish, click on the "Save" button in the bottom-right corner.
Add contest slide.png

An example of a slideshow with a contest slide called "Sales Contest July" added to it.

You have created a contest, added it to a slideshow, and now you want to introduce your team to the upcoming competition. Plecto allows you to announce the contest with a celebratory introduction.

Note: You can only play the contest intro if the current day is after the start date and before the end date of the contest. After the end date, you will be able to see the contest results.

To play the contest introduction:

  • Display the slideshow on a screen. You can activate the slideshow on a TV in the office.
  • Open the Contests page in Plecto.
  • Find the contest that you added to the slideshow, and click on "Play Contest Intro."

The slideshow will now display a beautiful introduction to your contest. Plecto's contest introduction animation is a great occasion to gather your team and cheer on the upcoming event.

Read more: Learn more about slideshows in this article.

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