How to create a Contest

You can run a contest to spark friendly competition in the office or across locations.

Last updated: July 23, 2020

Contests are a great way of grabbing attention and focusing your team towards a common target. Be creative and customize it in whatever way you want. Create teams that compete against each other or start a sprint between employees.

Results are automatically tracked in real-time with information from your dashboard data source. With the Contests feature, you have complete control over each contest. 

How to create a contest

  • Go to 'Gamification' > 'Contests'.
  • Click '+ New contest'.
  • Fill out name and description, and select time period.
  • Select a predefined formula you wish to use. This could be number of deals, value or a target reached.
  • Select a goal that you want your contestants to reach in the contest. 

An example of how to create a contest

This contest will run in July 2020. The contestants will have to reach the target that was entered in the contest. The winner will get a prize: Lots of pizza!

  • When the contest has been created, you'll need to add it to a slideshow. 
  • Go to 'Slideshow' > Click 'Add contest slide' > Select the contest in the drop down > Click 'Save'. 
  • Go back to your contest > Click 'Start contest'. The contest will start on your slideshow. 

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