Contest Targets, Types and Design

Add custom targets, choose between two contest types and give your contest a custom look. This guide gives you a more detailed information on what you can do with contests.

Last updated: Aug. 17, 2022

You can organize contests where each employee competes for themselves or where teams try to beat other teams. Here's a detailed overview of what each of the contest types can do.

Players vs. Players

If you select players, each employee will compete for themselves. You need to manually add all players to the contest. If relevant, you can also add individual target values to each of them. The targets will be visible on the contest slide.

Contests - Players vs Players
Teams vs. Teams

If you select teams, you can either form a new team or choose an existing team from your organization. You can give teams custom names and decide if you want to add a team picture and give each team an individual target.

Contests - Teams vs Teams

Targets are optional. If you don't add a target, the contest will rank people with the highest values. However, if you want to add a target, you can add it for everyone together or each player or team separately. All targets are shown on the contest and included in the contest intro.

  • To give everyone the same target, type the target value in the general target field:
Contests - general target example
  • To give players or teams individual targets, type the target values below each added player or team:
Contests - individual target example

You can choose between three different contest layouts – Classic, Podium and Leaderboard. If you don't want to see the contest details but only the results of your employees or teams, you can disable the sidebar.


You can add different themes to your contest – each theme has a different background and color scheme. The themes are the same as on dashboards. All themes – including custom themes – are listed.

You can use the default themes provided by Plecto, or if your subscription plan includes custom themes, you can create and use custom themes in your contest.

Did you know you can create your own themes in Plecto?

If you're subscribed to our Large or Enterprise plan (visit the Pricing page) and have admin access, you can easily create custom themes with different colors and background images. Learn more in Dashboard Themes.

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