Customize Your Contest

A quick guide on how to edit and customize your contests in Plecto.

Last updated: July 21, 2021

Contests are a great way of focusing your team towards a common target and boosting the team's performance with a healthy competition. Customize your contests by changing the layout or using different themes to what you think will best motivate the employees.


You can choose between three different contest layouts in Plecto: Classic, Podium, and Leaderboard. If you do not want to see the contest details but only the results of your employees or teams, select the "Disable sidebar" checkbox.


The theme will change the background and the color scheme of your contest dashboard. You can use the default themes provided by Plecto, or if your subscription plan includes custom dashboard themes, you can create and apply custom themes to your contest.

To customize a contest, go to Gamification > Contests in Plecto and open the contest you want to edit. See the video below:

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