A guide on how to create achievements in Plecto and reward your team for their success.

Last updated: July 28, 2021

Achievements are a great way of recognizing your team for their success and outstanding performance. You can give achievements both manually or automate them with notifications. The achievements are displayed next to the employee names on dashboards and slideshows.

Be aware: Achievements can only be configured by users with admin access to Plecto.

Create an achievement

To create an achievement, go to Gamification > Achievements in Plecto, then click on "+ New achievement" in the top-right corner.

  • Give the achievement a name and write a short description (optional).
  • Choose one of the three achievement categories:
    • Award: This achievement can be given to any number of employees, any number of times within the selected time period. An award could be, for example, "Big Sale," "Received Positive Feedback," "Target Reached," or others.
    • Membership: This achievement can be given to any number of employees, one time within the selected time period. A membership could be, for example, "Top Performers Club."
    • Record: This achievement can be given to one employee, one time within the selected time period. For example, "Employee of the Month."
  • Select an icon for the achievement.
Create an achievement 1
  • Decide if you want to show the achievement icon next to the employee's name by selecting or deselecting the checkbox "Show next to user's name."
  • Select a time period. Delimit for how long the achievement should be valid. For example, if you select "Month," the employees will have their achievement during the current month and next month the achievement will reset.
Create an achievement 2

Give an achievement manually

  • Go to Organization > Employees and click on the employee who should receive the achievement.
  • Click on "Give achievement" on the right of the employee page.
  • You will see all the created achievements. Select the one you would like to give to this employee.
  • Choose the time period during which the achievement will be valid.
  • Click "Save" in the bottom-right corner.

Give an achievement with notifications

Save time and automate the achievements in Plecto. Create a notification, and whenever it triggers, your employees or team will receive an achievement for their performance. To give an achievement with notifications:

Note: When an achievement is given by a notification, it will start from the date the notification triggers. For example, if an achievement's time period is set to "Week," and the notification triggers on a Tuesday, it will remain active for the rest of the week, because it is valid during the current time period (in this case, the current week).

Add achievement to notification

An example of adding an achievement as a notification action.

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