A guide on how to create achievements in Plecto. Give achievement badges and recognize your teams for their success!

Last updated: Dec. 27, 2022

Permission required

Only Global Admins and employees with access to the Achievements feature can create and manage achievements in Plecto. Learn more in Introduction to Permissions.

Did a sales rep hit their target? Did your support team get positive ratings? Or maybe it's someone's birthday today? Acknowledge everyone for their success, milestones, and performance with achievements. 🏆

Give achievement badges both manually or automate them with notifications. Achievement badges appear next to people's names on table and timeline widgets on dashboards and slideshows.

Dashboards - Achievement Example

There are many different use cases for earning achievement badges. For that reason, we have created three achievement categories – Award, Membership, and Record. Here's what they can do:

  • Award – If you create an achievement badge and choose this category, everyone in your organization will be able to receive an unlimited number of badges. For example, if Dave gets five positive ratings during a period of time, he's going to receive five achievement badges.
Achievement Category – Award
  • Membership – A membership means that each person can receive only one badge within the selected time period. Here's Dave again with his five positive ratings. This time, instead of receiving 5 badges for each rating, he will receive one membership badge. It means that he belongs to a group of people that have received positive ratings, but it doesn't matter if he got 5 or 15 ratings.
Achievement Category – Membership
  • Record – Same as in sports where there's (usually) one gold medalist on the podium, the record achievement can be given to one person, one time within the selected time period. The principle here, though, is – first come, first served.
Achievement Category – Record

You can choose how long the achievement badges are actively shown on dashboards. Once the time period runs out, the badges will be removed from dashboards, but you will still see them sit quietly in your employee profile. Here are the different cycles you can choose from:

  • Lifetime
  • Year
  • Quarter
  • Month
  • Week
  • Day

If an achievement is given through notifications, Plecto will take the date and time from when the notification was triggered. For example, if an achievement's time period is set to Month, and Sarah triggers her notification in November, she will get a badge that will last throughout that month.

If you give an achievement badge to someone manually, you will have to choose a time period yourself. For example, if an achievement's time period is set to Year, you will have to select a specific year (2021, 2022, or other).

  1. Go to Gamification > Achievements > + New achievement.
  2. Give the achievement a name such as Received a Good Rating or Booked Five Meetings.
  3. (Optional) Write a short description. The description should tell everyone how they can earn the achievement badge.
  4. Choose one of the three achievement categories.
  5. Select a time period. The time period represents an achievement cycle.
  6. Enable or disable visibility. If you disable this option, you won't see achievements on your dashboards.
  7. Customize your achievement badge.
  8. Click Save to finish.
You can add custom icons

Plecto allows you to add custom icons and use them as your achievement badges. Your icon will be available to all admins in your organization and can be used to create other achievements. We recommend you use an icon with a transparent background. Supported file type: SVG.

  1. Go to Organization > Employees.
  2. Click on an employee's name.
  3. Click Give achievement in the top-right.
  4. Select an achievement from the dropdown list.
  5. Choose a time period. The achievement will be active during that time.
  6. (Optional) Add a personal message if you want to give kudos or say "thank you."
  7. Click Give achievement to finish.

You can automate giving achievements by adding them to your notifications. Whenever someone triggers the notification, they will receive an achievement badge. Here's how to automate achievements:

  1. Go to Gamification > Notifications.
  2. You can either edit an existing notification or create a new one. For more help, go to Notification based on a new or updated registration or Notification based on the result of a formula.
  3. Select Give achievement as your notification action.
  4. Choose an achievement from the dropdown list.
  5. Click Save to finish.
Achievement time period

If an achievement's time period is set to Week and the notification triggers on a Wednesday, the achievement will last until Sunday and reset on Monday.

The achievements are active during the current time period. To change an achievement's time period, go to Gamification > Achievements and modify the settings.

Notification Action - Achievement

An example of adding an achievement as a notification action.

Testing after saving is not supported

Most notifications in Plecto allow you to save and test them. However, the Achievements notification action does not support this activity. If you were to test achievements, you would have to delete each achievement manually after giving them to your employees.

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