The achievements are a more permanent way to show that someone did something great, rather than other notifications.

Last updated: May 10, 2021

The achievement will be shown next to the employee's name with an icon of own choice.

How to create an achievement


  • Award: Best people in the chosen time period (all those who reach the target in your notification)
  • Membership: This is like a skill, e.g. a person can be good to customer service, sales etc.
  • Record: Can only be given to one person.

Time period

  • The period where the achievement will be valid.

If you select this month the person will have the achievement in the current month, and next month it will reset.

How to give achievements

You can either give achievements manually or by using notifications.

To give an achievement manually:

  • Go to 'Employees' in the top menu.
  • Find the person who should have the achievement.
  • Click 'Actions' next to the person and choose 'View profile'.
  • Click 'Give achievement'.
  • Choose between the created achievements.
  • Choose period where the achievement should be valid.

To give an achievement by using notifications:

  • Go to 'Gamification' > 'Notifications'.
  • Select 'Achievement'.
  • Remember to decide whether you want the notification to be based on 'A new or updated registration' or 'The result of a formula'.

Please note: When an achievement with a set time period is given by a notification, it will start from the date the notification triggered. E.g. If an achievement is set to the time period "week" and is given Tuesday by a notification, it will remain active for the rest of that week.


Example of using notifications to give achievements.

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