IF Statement That Returns Any Text

How to create an IF statement to return any text on your dashboard.

Last updated: July 22, 2022

IF statements allow the formulas to make logical statements between a value and an expected outcome. IF statements with text allow everyone to process the information on the dashboard more easily. For example, display a message "Target Reached 🎉" whenever someone reaches their target.

Formulas - IF Statement - Text

Here's a formula example. The formula is built in the Advanced formula editor. If you use the formula, make sure to change the data source and other parameters according to your business needs.
Set the number format to Text.

    IF(Sum(Sales,State="success",Amount)>=50000,"Target Reached 🎉","Working on it 💪")
Tip – You can use emojis

You can add emojis to your IF statements to make the text stand out. If you do, please be aware that some TV browsers might not be able to display emojis – that depends on your device. But hey – it might be worth to try! 💪 You can also use conditional colors to even further customize the widget look.

Let's break down the statement from the example above:

IF(Sum(Sales,State="success",Amount)>=50000,"Target Reached 🎉","Working on it 💪"

  • IF – the data function.
  • Sum – the name of the data lookup.
  • Sales – the name of the data source.
  • State="success" – filter. The filter includes the name of a data source field and the filtering condition. This formula will only sum the values from those registrations where the field's State values are "success." Filtering is case-sensitive.
  • Amount – the name of the field whose values will be summed.
  • 50000 – target value.
  • Target Reached 🎉 – if the sum is greater than or equal to 50 000, the widget will display this message.
  • Working on it 💪 – if the sum is less than 50 000, the widget will display this message.

If you don't want to display a message when the target is not reached, you can leave empty quotation marks in the statement, like this: "Target Reached 🎉"," ". There needs to be a single space between the quotation marks – otherwise, the dashboard will show 0 instead of not showing anything.

IF Statement With Text Empty Values
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