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Compare your KPIs to yesterday, last month, and more. This widget option gives you a powerful insight into your past performance without having to create new formulas.

Last updated: Aug. 15, 2022

The Compare to is a data visualization option that allows you to see your past KPIs. It's supported by two dashboard widgets – line chart and area chart. Here are the most important things you need to know:

  • This option compares the data based on the time period you select on the widget.
  • The Group by option needs to be set to one group. In order to access Compare to, you need to group your KPIs as one group.
  • If you select to-date time periods such as Week to date or Month to date, you can compare the data to the last to-date period or last full period. For example, if the selected time period is Month to date, you can compare it to Previous period (previous month to date) or Last month (the entire last month).
  • The Target Value and Compare to options are mutually exclusive. It means that you can either show the actual & target values on the widget or the actual & compared values.

Say you have a formula that calculates the value of won sales deals. Here's how you can create a KPI to see the won value this month to date compared to the entire last month.

  1. Draw a line or area chart on the dashboard.
  2. Add a formula in the Actual Value field.
  3. Change the time period to Month to date.
  4. (Optional) You can choose to accumulate the data to get a better understanding of where you're at.
  5. Change the Compare to option to Last month.
  6. Save the widget settings to finish.
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