Automatically Created Formulas

An introduction to automatically created formulas in Plecto.

Last updated: Feb. 7, 2023

What are automatically created formulas?

When connecting to a system, Plecto automatically creates a Number of formula that counts the number of registrations in a data source. You can see the automatically created formulas in all places where you can add formulas in Plecto. The formulas are usually called "Number of [data source name]."

Dashboards - Automatically Created KPIs

An example of a formula list where the automatically created ones are highlighted.

You can't edit the automatically created formulas

Even though the automatically created formulas are included in the formula dropdown list across all of our features, you cannot edit them. Same as they are not listed under Formulas in the left-side menu. If you want to use a similar formula, create a new Number of formula in the formula editor.

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