Date & History Modifiers

How to tell Plecto to return data from another date period than the default one (Date and History modifiers).

All lookup methods can have a set of modifiers appended at the end. These modifiers add additional advanced functionality to the lookup method.
The modifiers are:

  • .History(<number>,<date_period>)
  • .Date(<field_name>)


The history modifier returns registrations for a previous date period. The available date periods are Day, Week, Month, Year.

Your formula looks like this if you wish to get the number of all items sold from two weeks ago:

Need a specific example? Please check out our article on the History Modifier here.



Instead of the regular date field, use the provided date field for the lookup:

  • .Date(<field_name>)

This is smart if you wish to count e.g. orders from the 'Close Date', and not from the regular date field in your data source (e.g. the registration date/created date):

Example of a date field in a data source.

Simply type in the name of the date field from your data source that you wish to add to your formula:


More about History Modifier: 
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