Manual Data Sources

Learn how to work with manual data sources in Plecto.

Last updated: July 15, 2022

Plecto has different types of data sources – manual data sources, integrations, databases, and custom API data sources. If you enter your data and add registrations in Plecto manually, it means that you're working with manual data sources. No matter the type, all data sources organize data in the same way.

Data Sources - List of Manual Data Sources

Manual data sources are typically used for manually registering sales, creating targets, keeping track of tasks, meetings, and much more. In addition, manual data sources allow you to import data directly from Excel spreadsheets, connect your Google Sheets to Plecto with Zapier, and much more.

Plecto offers four manual data source options: three templates and one custom input data source that you build from scratch. Having templates means that we have added in advance some custom fields to the data sources. For example, Closed deal and Sales target come with a number field Amount.

Manual Data Source - Sales Target Example

An example of a freshly created Sales target data source.

  1. Go to Data management > Data sources > + New data source.
Data Source Page

An example of a data source page in Plecto.

2. Scroll down to the Manual Data Entry section.
3. Select which of the manual data sources you want to add to your Plecto organization.

Add a manual data source.png

When adding a new data source, you can choose between four manual data source options.

4. If you select a template, all you need is to click Confirm to create the data source. The image below is an example of a template data source Sales target. The field Team is usually hidden in all data sources. To make it visible, click Filters in the top-right and click the eye icon.

Manual Data Source - Sales Target Example

5. If you select Custom input, you will start with a blank data source that only contains the mandatory fields (ID, Employee, Team, Created date). Give your data source a title, adjust the permissions if necessary, and click Save.

New Manual Data Source

If you select Custom input, this is where you start building your data source.

You can change the fields and settings at any time

All manual data sources (including templates) are customizable, and once created, you can rename them, add or remove custom fields, change permissions, and more.

Custom fields are additional columns in your data sources. You can add custom fields in different formats: number, text, date, list, yes/no, and country.

  1. Go to Data management > Data sources and open your data source settings.
  2. Click + Add field to create a new custom field.
  3. Fill in the details such as field name, data type, and others.
  4. Click Save to finish.
Manual Data Source Settings

An example of the default and custom fields in a data source. The custom field names are displayed in bold.

Field names

Please note that only plain text should be included in the column titles. Inserting special symbols such as "()*/" etc. can cause formulas to malfunction and not display any data. 

Once you have created the data source, you can start adding registrations to it.

  1. Click the + New button in the top-right corner.
  2. Fill out the registration details.
  3. Click Save to add the registration.
Manual Data Source - Sales Targets DK

An example of a data source called Sales target DK.

Who can edit the registration?

Employees with standard permission profile can modify their registrations within 24 hours of their creation. Admins and team managers can modify registrations with no limitations.

Add registrations from the mobile app

Plecto has a great mobile app for iOS and Android devices, and you can use it to enter data into a data source manually. You can also access dashboards, reports, and much more, all directly from the app.

Download the free Plecto mobile app and stay up to date with your KPIs:

If you have teams in Plecto, you can add online registration boxes to the front page to enable employees with standard permission profile to add registrations without them gaining access to your data sources.

Registration Box Front Page

An example of an online registration box called Deals on an organization's front page.

To add an online registration box to your front page:

  1. Go to Organization > Teams.
  2. Choose either + New team to create a new team or Edit on the right of an existing team.
  3. Add a data source under Online Registration Boxes.
  4. To finish, click Save in the bottom-right corner.

The added registration boxes will now show on your front page.

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