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You might wish to upload an Excel spreadsheet in Plecto with e.g. monthly targets or manual sales entries. This quick guide will show you how to do it in a few steps.

Last updated: Nov. 9, 2020

Important: Import from Excel only works with 'Custom Input' (manual data entry) data sources. To download our Excel template, you'll need to create a custom input data source. This is also described in this help article.

Please also note, that the maximum size of an excel file is 2MB. If your file is bigger than this we recommend splitting the file into multiple files and then import them to Plecto

How to get started

  • Create a new manual data source, with fields/columns that match your excel sheet or make sure that your existing data source you would like to import the data to has the correct fields.
  • Go to 'Data Sources' and 'Import from Excel'. Download our Excel template:
  • Download the template, and fill out the data. You will end up with a spreadsheet looking like this (example data):

Please be aware of the following

Each line in the file must represent a unique registration.
Please make sure you fill out all the required fields.

User ID: Each line must provide some information about the employee, so we can figure out which person you are referring to.

You can choose to provide ONE of the following:

  1. an E-mail, in which case the employee will be invited to join Plecto and will have log in access.
  2. an External User ID and External System Name that will be used to uniquely identify the employee (External User ID can be a phone number or a random string of numbers or number - it just has to be unique - ).

NB. If you want to fill out the e-mail please be aware that we match your Plecto users based on the e-mail address. You need to use the same email as the one already used in the employees Plecto profile. Otherwise, Plecto will create new users.
If you write different first- and last names than we have registered we will update the existing first- and last name with the names from the spreadsheet.

External ID: You can leave the External ID row empty, and as Plecto will auto-fill it when importing the spreadsheet.
The External ID is a smart and easy way to later update your data. Keep the same external ID, and just upload your spreadsheet again, and we will update any new information.

Date: All the registrations need a valid date and time. Make sure to format the date correctly (you can change the format in excel settings to "Date"). The date format needs to be the "Date" format given in excel/Google Sheets.

Image 2020-10-22 at 1.45.11 PM.png

This is how the date format should look in Google Sheets

Upload your file

When the spreadsheet is filled out, simply upload it in the 'Import from Excel' page.
NB. Remember to choose the data source you want to import the excel data into.

When clicking 'Preview', we show a preview of how we think the data should be imported:


If some fields have a wrong match, you can click in the dropdown and select the correct field from the data source:


More about manual data sources:
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