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A quick guide on how to export to Excel in Plecto.

Last updated: May 20, 2021

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Sometimes it can be beneficial to check and/or edit your data in Excel. Plecto allows you to export your data sources to do just that.

To export data from Plecto to Excel:

  1. Go to Data management > Data sources
  2. Find and open the data source you would like to export
  3. Once you have the data source open, click on "Export" in the top-right corner 
  4. To export, click "Download"

Be aware: The export currently allows only 10 000 rows at a time. If you have more data, consider using filters.

If you have any filters on your data source, they will still be in place when you export the data. If you want to see all your data in the exported file, make sure no filters are added before exporting your data source.

Tips & Tricks

Do you want to manage, for example, monthly targets in Plecto? That's easy! Export your target managed in Plecto, make changes in Excel, and upload the changes to Plecto again. 

You can leave the "External ID" row empty as this field is optional. Plecto will auto-fill the field when importing the spreadsheet.

The External ID is a smart and easy way to later update your data. Keep the same External ID and once you upload your spreadsheet again, Plecto will update the registrations with the same External ID instead of creating new ones.

Here is an example of how it could look:


An example of an exported data source from Plecto.

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