Updating data fields

How to find new fields and update existing fields.

Last updated: March 22, 2021

How to add and remove fields

You can add and remove fields in your data source's settings.

To add a field to your data source, you should make sure it is clicked with a blue tick.

To remove a field it should not have a blue tick by its name.

It is important that you click on "Save" once the field has been added.


You can find new fields you have added in your integration by clicking on the "Update fields" button in your data source's settings.


How to import data into your new fields

You can import your historical data into your new fields by clicking on the "Import more data" button.

You will need to choose the time period from which you want to import data for.


Changes to your field name or results in your integration

If you have changed the name of your field in your integration or the possible results for your field have changed then you should follow the below steps:

  • Remove the field in your data source's settings in Plecto ( untick the field)
  • Press Save
  • Press the "Update fields" button
  • Add the field in your data source's settings in Plecto again (tick the field)
  • Press Save
  • Click on the "Import more data" in the data source's settings - This will import your historical data for the added field

Does my integration support custom fields?

You can check to see if your integration and data source type supports custom fields by following this link to: https://www.plecto.com/integrations/

  • Here you should find your integration
  • Scroll down to find your data source type
  • Click on "Technical Details for 'data source type'"

You can also see the update frequency and if the data source supports automatic deletions

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