Directory Synchronization

A guide on how to automatically import and synchronize teams and employees from external systems in Plecto.

Last updated: Feb. 21, 2023

Directory synchronization is a feature that allows you to import your entire system's directory into Plecto. In this context, a directory is a list that contains data about employees and the team structure in your system. You can use directory sync to automatically import employees and teams from your system to synchronize and maintain them in Plecto.

Available integrations

This feature is currently available with Salesforce, Intercom, and Enreach integrations.

There are multiple settings you can enable when setting up directory sync. You can find the settings in Data management > Credentials. Open the credentials of an integration that supports directory sync, and you'll find the following settings:

  • Automatic sync – Run the directory synchronization automatically. If enabled, Plecto will synchronize the employees and teams every 24 hours. If disabled, you can still run the sync manually.
  • Sync teams – Synchronize teams between your external system and Plecto.
  • Sync employees – Synchronize your external system's employees with employees in Plecto.
  • Only sync data for selected teams – Synchronize employees and data for specific teams. If enabled, Plecto will create only the teams and their employees that you have selected in the directory. Plecto will only import registrations owned by the employees of the selected teams. If disabled, registrations for all employees and teams will be imported. Consider enabling this option if you have lots of data and only want to import a small portion of it.

⚠️ Directory sync can have different functionality, depending on the integration you use. The functionality also depends on what directory sync settings you enable in each of the integrations.

Use directory sync to easily synchronize teams and team members between Salesforce and Plecto. You can use the directory sync to import less data, for example, by only importing a subset of teams from Salesforce. In that case, Plecto will only import data of the selected teams and their members.

  • Plecto runs directory sync with Salesforce once a day. You can always run a manual sync in directory sync settings.
  • For Sync employees to work properly, the Salesforce user type must be a Standard User, and they must have a role in Salesforce that is synchronized as a team in Plecto.
  • Only sync data for selected teams – If enabled, Plecto will import only the registrations made by Salesforce users that are also synchronized as a team in Plecto. If disabled, we will import all data.

Here is some integration-specific information on directory sync for Intercom:

  • Plecto runs directory sync with Intercom once a day.
  • Sync teams – If enabled, Plecto will import and create all teams from Intercom in Plecto. If you delete a team in Intercom, it will NOT delete a team in Plecto, as this could modify your data on dashboards that use teams. Instead, provided that both "Sync teams" and "Sync employees" are enabled, Plecto will remove all members from the deleted team.
  • Sync employees – If enabled, Plecto will import all Intercom admins in your Plecto organization regardless if they have any registrations in a data source. Be aware that this action can create many employees in Plecto.

Sync teams + Sync employees

If both options are enabled, your changes in Intercom will automatically reflect in Plecto:

  • For example, if an Intercom admin is a member of two teams in Intercom, they will automatically be added to the same two teams in Plecto. The same principle applies when someone is removed from a team in Intercom – they will also be removed from the team in Plecto.
  • Deletion and deactivation – If an employee is deleted in Intercom, Plecto will deactivate their profile and remove them from all teams that were automatically imported via Intercom. Plecto will reactivate the employee if they are reactivated/added again in Intercom. Plecto will only deactivate and reactivate the employees that are managed by the integration.
If you want to avoid automatic deactivation / activation

Choose to manage the employee profile manually in Plecto: Go to Organization > EmployeesActions > Edit and click Manage this employee manually.

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