Zendesk Support

A guide on how to integrate your Zendesk Support data with Plecto.

Last updated: Aug. 3, 2022

For each data type you add, Plecto will create one data source in Data management > Data sources. Our integration with Zendesk Support currently allows you to add the following data types in Plecto:

  • Calls
  • Events
  • Satisfaction Ratings
  • Tickets
Technical details

Visit our Zendesk Support integration page to find more detailed information on the available data types, update frequencies, custom field support, and more.


Whenever there are changes in your support tickets in Zendesk, we update the registrations in your Plecto data source. The changes can be an updated status, changed priority, changed ticket type, or others.


The Events data type log any changes that occur in your Zendesk tickets. Each event (one event = one registration in the Events data source) represents an update in a ticket and contains all the fields that were updated in that change. So every time you change the ticket status (or anything else), it will create a new event. Learn more in Zendesk's developer docs.

Currently, Plecto handles three types of events: Status change, New ticket comment, Custom field changed (also called Actions in the Events data source). For each event, we log the new value of the event and the field that got changed.

Zendesk API is rate limited, which means that only a certain number of requests per minute is allowed. The rate limit depends on your Zendesk subscription plan and the endpoint. You should expect to be able to make the following number of requests per minute per Zendesk Support account:

Zendesk API Rate Limits

If you get rate limited, the automatic imports in Plecto will pause, and they will only resume once you can ask for more data from Zendesk. In case your imports are paused, you will see a yellow progress bar in your data source settings and underneath the data source listed in Data management > Data sources.

  1. Go to Data management > Data sources > + New data source > Zendesk.
  2. Enter your company's subdomain or full domain. You can find it in the URL when logged in to your Zendesk Support account. The domain looks something like mycompany.zendesk.com
  3. Click Next to continue.
Zendesk Support - Subdomain

4. Select the data types you want to import to Plecto.
5. (Optional) Expand the Advanced settings to change the data source title, default date field used in formulas, or other settings. You can access the settings also after you've created the data source.
6. Click Next to continue and import your data.

Zendesk Support - Select Data Types

To help you get started, Plecto imports 7 days' worth of data automatically. We can initially only import data for 7 days due to rate limits. If you want to import more data, follow this guide: Manual Refresh and Import of Data.

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