An overview of Pipedrive's data types and useful facts.

Last updated: July 22, 2020

Tip: Please view Pipedrive's integration-page to see more detailed information about what you can import, update frequency, custom field support, and much more. 

Multiple Options-fields

Currently, Plecto does not support Pipedrive fields of the type "Multiple options". Plecto only imports the first option when these fields are imported. Single option fields are fully supported.

Deleted registrations for Activities and Organisations

If you delete a deal in Pipedrive, the deal will also be deleted in Plecto and will disappear from your data source. However, if you delete an activity or an organization, it will remain in your data source in Plecto. 

Instead, the deleted activities and organizations can be filtered out using formulas to make them disappear from your dashboards.

Using Pipedrive Activities you can import a field named "Active" that is set to "true" by default, indicating that the activity has not been deleted. All deleted activities will be set to "false" in this field. 

Pipedrive Organisations has a similar field named "Active flag" that functions in the same way. The organization has been deleted or merged into another organization if this field is set to "false".

A formula for sorting out inactive or deleted activities could look like this in the simple formula editor: 


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