A guide on how to integrate Fiken with Plecto and display your accounting KPIs on real-time dashboards.

Last updated: July 26, 2022

Import data directly from Fiken and create real-time dashboards for your accounting KPIs. With our integration to Fiken, you can import the following data types:

  • Contacts
  • Invoices
  • Invoice lines
  • Products
  • Purchases
  • Purchase lines
  • Purchase payments
  • Sales
  • Sales lines

For each data type you import, Plecto will create one data source. Find the list of data sources under Data management > Data sources.

Technical details

Visit our Fiken integration page to find more detailed information on the available data types, update frequencies, custom field support, and more.

Are you handling data for multiple companies in Fiken?

If you're handling accounting for multiple companies in Fiken, you need to specify the company when selecting a data type for import. Plecto will then import all contacts, invoices, or other data types you choose relative to the selected company.

Therefore, we recommend adding the company name to the data source title in the Advanced settings, for example, "Fiken Invoices - The Awesome Company" or "Fiken Purchases - Etsy."

Fiken - Data Type Settings
One configuration session per company

If you work with multiple companies and want to import invoices (or other data) for all of them, you will have to add new Fiken data sources and select a different company each time.

  1. Go to Data managementData sources > + New data source > Fiken.
  2. Click Next and log in to your Fiken account.
Fiken - Add Data Source

3. Click Godkjenn (Authorize) to give Plecto read access to your Fiken data.

Fiken - Authorize

4. Select the data types you want to import to Plecto. For each data type you import, Plecto will create one data source and place it under Data management > Data sources.

Fiken - Select Data Types

5. Select a company and expand the Advanced settings to adjust the data source title. Changing the title will help you understand what data your data source contains.

Fiken - Data Type Settings

6. Click Next to finish and import your Fiken data.

Do you want to import more data?

Learn how to run a manual data import and get all your historical data into Plecto.

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