An overview of e-conomic's data types, useful facts and tips & tricks.

Last updated: July 22, 2020

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Tip: Please view E-conomic's integration-page to see more detailed information about what you can import, update frequency, custom field support, and much more. 

How to enable webhooks

Go to the settings for webhooks in E-conomic:

'Settings' > 'All settings' > 'Extensions' > 'Webhooks' > 'New webhook'


  1. Choose 'Nyt webhook'
  2. Select 'Faktura bogført in the 'Type' dropdown
  3. Write a name of your own choice in the 'Navn' field
  4. To find the content for the 'URL' field please copy the following URL: https://app.plecto.com/admin/data-sources/economic/webhook/invoice/{PLECTO DATA SOURCE UUID }/?INVOICENO=[INVOICENO]
  5. To fill out the { PLECTO DATA SOURCE UUID } you go to Plecto, and click on your 'e-conomic invoice' data source. In the URL you'll see a long string with letters and numbers. Copy this string, and paste into the { PLECTO DATA SOURCE UUID } area in the above URL.
  6. Click on the 'Gem' button

This will work for both 'e-conomic invoice' and 'Economic invoice lines' data sources.

You should now have a setup like this (example):


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