How to connect the data from Dixa to Plecto to see your conversation KPIs in real time.

Last updated: April 29, 2021

Available Data Types

With Plecto, you can display the following data type:

  • Conversations

The dashboards in Plecto allow you to visualize, among others, the number of inbound calls, average handling time, longest waiting time, and more.

Generate an API token on Dixa

Before you are able to connect Dixa to Plecto, you need to generate an API token from your Dixa account. Please read this article to learn how to create your Dixa API token.

Be aware: You need to have admin access to Dixa to be able to generate an Integrations API.

Connect Dixa to Plecto

To connect your Dixa account to Plecto, open the Plecto app and follow these steps:

  1. Go to 'Data management' > 'Data sources'.
  2. Click on '+ New data source' in the upper-right corner, then select Dixa from the list.
  3. Insert the API token that you have previously generated in Dixa, then click 'Next'.
  4. You can now choose to build your dashboard from scratch with your own formulas or select up to 9 pre-built widgets to add to your dashboard.
  5. To finish, click 'Create dashboard'.

Note: The pre-built widgets are basic KPI examples that can help you get started with building your dashboards. When building a new dashboard for Dixa, you can select up to 9 pre-built widgets. Once the dashboard is created, you can then edit, modify and copy the widgets or add new widgets with your custom KPIs.

If you copy a pre-built widget on your dashboard and want to modify the KPIs, you need to copy the formula from the formula editor. Learn how to copy formulas here.

Inspiration For Your Dixa Dashboard


There are many ways how to visualize the conversation metrics through different KPIs on the Plecto dashboard. Add widgets to look at the employee stats, the number of inbound calls, average waiting and handling time, the number of conversations by channel, the number of closed support tickets per employee, and much more.

The following widgets are among our favorites for displaying conversation metrics:

  • Number boxes
  • Speedometers
  • Line charts
  • Pie charts
  • Leaderboards
  • Tables

Explore all the widgets on Plecto to find how to best visualize data relevant to your organization!


An example of Dixa dashboard.

Query Limitations

Dixa's API limits manual imports to 1 month (31 days) on a query. Therefore, whenever the time between the start date and end date parameters is greater than 1 month, the start date gets adjusted to 30 days before the set end date. Meaning, only 1 month is imported. This is important to know when performing big manual imports.

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