Manual refresh and import of data

This article will show you how you can start a manual import and refresh your data manually.

Last updated: March 22, 2021

How to start a manual data import

You can start a manual import of data to refresh and import data for the majority of integrations.
If you would like to import data from a specific time period or manually refresh your data, then you can start such an import.

  • Go into your data source's settings
  • Click on the "Import more data button"
  • Select the time period from which you would like to import data -“Start Date” - “End Date” defines the time period

It is not possible to import and refresh data in manual data source's as this data has been manually inputted into Plecto.

If you have a data source using an API or SQL connection then you can need to contact support on our live chat or send us an email to, if you would like to start a data import.

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