How to delete data

This article will inform you how you can delete individual registrations as well as data in an entire data source

Last updated: March 22, 2021

How to delete individual registrations

It is possible to delete individual registrations in both manual data sources and integrations.

You would delete an individual registration by clicking on the box to the left of the registration in your data source, and then scrolling to the bottom. From there you would click on the delete button.

Be aware: If the registration is not also deleted in your original database e.g. in Pipedrive or HeroBase, then the registration will be imported again.
You need to delete the registration in the database before deleting it in Plecto, for it not to reappear in Plecto.

How to delete all data in your data source

It is possible to delete all the data you have in your data source.
This is useful as it gives you the opportunity to import all your data again (If it is not a manual data source). This gives you a complete refresh of your data and makes sure that your data is as clean as possible. It also means that the settings and fields you have added to your data source are saved.

How to delete your data:

  • Go into your data sources settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, to get to the Delete button.
  • Click on the downward arrow at the right, on the Delete button
  • Click on "Delete all registrations"

Once you have deleted all the data in your data source, then you should start a manual import to import all your data again.

You can do this by clicking on "Import more data" in your data sources settings. Then you would choose the time period from which you would like to import data.

Situations where data is not deleted

When you deactivate an employee:
Plecto will never delete data for a former or deactivated employee. This is because we recognise that the data is still useful for you.
For example:
If "Employee A" worked for you from January 2020- June 2020, then they still contributed to your revenue for the year 2020.
As a result, the revenue data they contributed should be included in your calculations, so the data should not be deleted.
If you deleted the data for Employee A, then your revenue calculation would be missing data and not show accurate data.

Automatic Registration Deletion

Automatic registration deletion means that if a registration is deleted in your original database then it would be automatically also deleted in Plecto.

Some of our integrations do not support automatic registration deletions and some do, this variation is due to how the integration's API is set up.

You can check if your data source supports automatic registration deletion by going to and searching for the integration and data source type that you are using.
Whether automatic registration deletion is supported or not, depends not only on the integration but also on the type of data source.

E.g. You can see below that Pipedrive Activities does not support automatic registration deletion but Pipedrive Deals does support automatic registration deletion.

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