How to Delete Data

Learn how to delete individual registrations, all registrations, or your entire data source.

Last updated: July 25, 2022

You can delete single registrations in manual and integration data sources. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to Data management > Data sources and open a data source.
  2. Find a registration you want to delete and click on its ID.
  3. Click Delete in the bottom-left corner and confirm the action.
Registrations might get reimported

If you delete a registration in Plecto but keep it in your system (Pipedrive, Enreach, or others), the registration will be imported again along with the next automatic import. If you want to permanently delete a registration, remove it from your system and delete it from Plecto afterward.

It is possible to delete all data from your data source at once. Deleting all registrations in an integration data source and importing data again can serve as a nifty trick if you're not sure how much and what data you have stored.

  1. Go to Data management > Data sources and open your data source settings.
  2. Click on the arrow in the Delete button to open more deletion options.
  3. Select Delete all registrations, then Confirm delete.
  4. (Optional) You can run a manual data import. Click Import more data and select a time period.
Manual data sources

If you delete all registrations in a manual data source, we won't be able to restore them.

Plecto won't delete data registered by former or deactivated employees because their registrations – however recent – are valuable to your business. For example, if an employee worked for you from January to June, they still contributed to your revenue. As a result, their data should get included in the calculations.

Automatic registration deletion means that registrations will automatically get deleted in Plecto once they're deleted in your system. Whether we support automatic registration deletion depends on the integration. Visit our integration page to see the technical details of each of our systems such as the update frequency, automatic registration deletion support, and more.

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