Conditional Colors

How to create text color on numbers on your dashboard.

Instead of just having white numbers on your dashboard, it gives a cool effect to use Conditional colors, which also make the numbers easier to browse through.

You have three options to color your numbers from conditions:

Text color

You set this up when creating/editing a formula. You'll find the conditional colors in the bottom right corner.

Type in the minimum values, and choose between green, yellow and red:

This will format the color, dependent on the value, but only for that specific formula.

Percentage color

Directly on the widget on your dashboard you can enable 'Use custom conditional colors' to create an automatic condition from the percentage reached of the target.
You can find this option on speedometers and on number boxes:


Please note: You can add a target value and the colors will change when you reach a given percentage of a target. You can also leave out the target value and use conditional colors as your target: 

In this case, the bar will turn green when the percentage reach 90 % - which is the target in this case. 

Color box

On the widget you can choose to enable 'Use conditional colors as background' which will color the entire box.