Combining Formulas

How to combine formulas.

The true power of formulas comes from combining all your different data together. You can combine multiple expressions together just like you would in regular math. The operators you can put between them are:

  • + addition
  • - subtraction
  • * multiplication
  • \ division

Let's say you want your salespeople to reach some predetermined target and you want to see how far they've come. If your target is 5000, you could write a formula that tells you that you are 65% of the way there, like so:

100 * Sum(Deals,Status="won",Amount) / 5000 = 65 


It is very common that your target changes from month to month, or even that your salespeople have individual targets. In this case you could use another data source to register your targets every month for every sales person. In our example, the data source 'Targets' would look like this:


The new formula would then simply be:

100 * Sum(Deals,Status="won",Amount) / Sum(Targets,Amount) = 65