Retrieve or Delete API Registrations

With our API, you can easily retrieve or delete registrations from your API data source.

Last updated: Dec. 20, 2021

You can retrieve registrations from your API data source the same way you send them. Retrieving registration information enables you to import your Plecto data into another system.

  • To get the registrations, you need to send a GET request for the following endpoint:<data_source_uuid>/

Replace the <data_source_uuid> with the unique UUID of your data source. The UUID is the alphanumerical string in your data source URL. Once you send the request, you will see a response that contains all registrations from the selected data source.


The UUID is the highlighted string in the data source URL.

Note: We use pagination to divide the response list into pages.

Plecto API allows you to delete registrations. To delete registrations, you need to know each registration's UUID (run a GET request to obtain all the registration UUIDs), and you can only delete one registration per request.

  • To delete registrations, send a DELETE request to the following endpoint:<data_source_uuid>/<registration_uuid>/

Important! The DELETE request will permanently delete your registrations. This action cannot be undone, and no confirmation is required.

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