AND and OR Statements

How to make AND and OR statement in the formula editor.

You might wonder how to make an OR statement in Plecto. This is actually done by making an AND statement like this:

In this example, I'd like to include won deals from two pipelines: Existing Business and Existing Business - Large, so I am adding the two pipelines together in a formula (by separating them with a +).
Now the formula will return the won deals from Existing Business OR Existing Business - Large.

In the advanced editor it will look like this:

Pro tip 😎

In this specific case, I will use a CONTAINS function instead to filter on the content of the specific text "Existing Business":

You can copy the specific example below:

Count(Pipedrive Deals,Pipeline=Contains("Existing Business")&Status="Won")

You can read more about the contains formula here.