An overview of Adversus' data types, useful facts and Good-to-Know's.

Using our Adversus integration it is possible to display:

  • Call Details Records
  • Leads
  • Sessions 

Useful facts about Adversus:

Update Frequency:
Every 1 min

Supports Custom Fields?
Yes (Leads)

Supports deleted registrations?

Supports custom user fields?
CDR: userId
Leads: lastContactedBy
Sessions: userId

Good to know about leads in Adversus:

If you create a custom field in Leads, e.g. "Amount", you will need to make sure that this field is the correct type. This guide will show you how to change the type from a 'Text' to a 'Number'. This is important in order to be able to create formulas and create a sum of that number field - it is not possible to create a sum of a text field.